Recreation and Wildlife

The N Bar Ranch lies in a fertile transitional zone between mountains and prairie, making it home to a wide variety of Rocky Mountain wildlife. This rich landscape abundant with wildlife, makes the N Bar is one of the finest and most diverse sporting ranches in Montana.

Healthy brown trout thrive in the cool waters of Flatwillow Creek, which is a particularly rare and unique resource in an area of Montana that hosts very few cold-water fisheries. Deer and elk herds populate the upper timbered reaches of the ranch. Lower, more temperate areas provide the ideal habitat for large numbers of antelope, pheasant, wild turkey, and other upland game birds. The riparian corridor running through the Flatwillow Creek Valley boasts an incredible array of other birds and non-game wildlife species.

The elk herds that roam the N Bar Ranch are nearly without equal in North America. High-quality forage, mineral-laden food sources, limited hunting and outstanding native genetics combine to support a vast population that includes an impressive number of "trophy" animals with bulls that qualify for record-book status. Approximately 1,900 head of elk from three distinct herds have been counted on the property, thriving in the ranch's dark stands of north-facing Douglas Fir that give way to ridges of scattered Ponderosa Pine, stands of aspen and grassy meadows that descend from the high country into bottomlands succulent with forage.

Abundant populations of whitetail and mule deer also graze the N Bar Ranch, as do antelope whose numbers include some specimens of trophy size. Pheasant, Hungarian partridge and sharptail grouse flourish in the ranch's extensive upland game bird habitat, with mountain grouse in the higher elevations.